How Use Promotional Products For Business

How Use Promotional Products For Business


Using promotional products can be one of the best ways to market your business. At the same time, you can’t expect results simply by giving them away. There are many things you need to do to ensure that your product giveaway campaign is a success. Here are some helpful tips to make your giveaway more effective.

1. Use Promotional Products that are Relevant and Have Longevity

When you choose which Promotional Products at PP100 to use, you want to go with products that have some kind of relevance towards your target audience. For example, a USB stick or portable phone charger would be the perfect promotional product for those in the computer and technology field. You also want to avoid products that will be used up fairly quickly such as post-it notes.

2. Make Your Design Memorable

The design you place on your promotional products will have a big impact on your results. If your current logo design is outdated or boring, you’ll want to invest in a designer that can create an attractive design for you. There are also various design elements you can use to bring attention to your company. You want to talk with your supplier for advice on how to make the biggest impact with your products.

3. Insert a Benefit Driven Call to Action

Many businesses will have their logo and contact information on their promotional products but not anything else. If you want people to follow up on what they see on your products, you want to include a benefit driven call to action. For example, something like “Save 10 percent off your next dental appointment with the code SAVE10” can entice people pull the trigger and call your business.

4. Always Start by Attracting the Right Audience

Whether you’re at a trade show, speaking event, seminar, or a networking event, you want to make sure you give your products away to the right audience. Start by pre-qualifying people by asking them questions, building your giveaway around a targeted promotion (email, social, PR campaign), or simply attending an audience specific event. Targeting the right audience is especially important if you’re giving away an expensive product.

5. Use Different Promotional Products for Different Tiers of Customers

One of the things you’ll have to worry about is your budget. Instead of opting for products that are expensive, you can give away products based on the tier of the customer. For example, you’ll want to spend extra money on high quality products for your most valuable customers. You can go with less expensive yet still valuable products for newer customers. This is a cost effective way to create customer loyalty.

In short, how you use promotional products and how you give them away is vital to the success of your campaign. Without the right strategy and tactics, you’ll only be wasting your money giving away free products.

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